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Iron Henry is a charming little cafe situated in the quiet streets of Murrumbeena village. We serve delicious, wholesome food that will surely put a smile on your face. Iron Henry is one of the top cafes in Melbourne's south east and has been voted Glen Eira Council’s Shop & Café of the Year in 2013.

Who is Iron Henry?

Did you know the word Murrumbeena originates from the Aboriginal word mirrambeena, loosely translating to land of frogs? Yes? But what on earth does Iron Henry have to do with the land of frogs?

You may be familiar with the famous tale of The Frog Prince. The prince was turned into a frog by the spell of a wicked witch and it could only be reversed by a kiss from a beautiful princess. What you may not know, is that in the Grimm Brothers’ version of the tale, the Prince had a best friend, one of his servants, a faithful and reliable companion by the name of Henry, or Faithful Henry.

The tale was told that when the Prince was turned into a frog, Faithful Henry was so distraught that he had three iron clamps placed around his heart, serving as a cage, to protect his heart from being broken. And from that moment Faithful Henry was known as Iron Henry.

Iron Henry is a symbol of the faithful service of a true friend. Now, imagine that our beloved Murrumbeena is the Frog Prince...

Do you see where I am going with this?

A steadfast eating-house in the land of frogs, that has stood the test of time, weathered the adversities and stayed faithful and reliable to its friend. Withstanding trends, consistently delivering ironclad service and dependable fare - This here, is Iron Henry at your service.

Little Henry's

We are a family friendly cafe with our upstairs seating area featuring a play area for our little guests. A perfect spot for mums to catch up and enjoy a well deserved coffee. Little Henry's is open Monday - Sunday, 8am - 2.30pm.

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